Leveling Up with Level Up Village

We are excited to announce a new program in our Upper Elementary classroom: Level-Up Village! This program will give our students an opportunity to develop 21st-century skills through hands-on STEM projects and global collaboration.


We will start with an eight-week program exploring the mechanics of DNA in collaboration with a classroom in Ghana working on the same program. Students will exchange video messages on each lesson as they learn to crack the code of life and learn all about genetics through a variety of hands-on activities.


Together with their global partners, students will explore the effects of nature vs. nurture and whether genetics or environment has a greater impact on leading a healthy lifestyle. They will present their findings at the end of the eight-week project.


In addition to new STEM skills, students will learn about their partners’ country and culture through this shared experience. A huge part of the Montessori experience is an understanding of our place in the increasing globalized world and our commitment to being excellent global citizens. Partnering on projects with children around the world helps our students gain a deeper understanding of what life looks in other countries and how we can all support each other.

For more information, please visit http://www.levelupvillage.com

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