The 3 Little Pigs

How well do you know the story of the Three Little Pigs? If your version doesn’t involve guitar solos, sing-alongs, and selfies, then you are missing out!

We were so thrilled to have the Magik Theatre come visit us (with help from Texas Commission on the Arts!) and perform The Three Little Pigs in the Parish Hall. Students gathered to witness the joy of live theatre and a thoroughly modern retelling of the story.


In this version, two of the three pigs build their house out of cabbages and sticks stolen, as we later learn, from the backyard of the wolf himself! The third pig makes her home out of brick and is ready to face the oncoming storm, as warned by their mother.

The show was full of slapstick comedy and timely jokes, including talking to a family of birds to pass messages (“Tweeting”) and posting video updates while the wolf is trying to blow their houses down.


Everything ended happily ever after, however, when the pigs discover that the wolf is actually a vegetarian who is just very hungry because someone stripped his garden of cabbages. Once the cabbages are returned, the wolf and pigs become fast friends and end the show on a sing-along.


After the show, students were able to ask questions and talk to the actors about the show, their process, and opportunities to do more at Magik Theatre. The wolf was clearly the favorite character! For more pictures and video make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. A big thank you to TCA for making this performance possible!


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