Moving Up

Our 2016-2017 Annual Parent Survey is now open until Friday June 2nd!  

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In the Montessori tradition, our primary and elementary children stay in the same classroom for three year increments. We honor our students who are ready to transition to the next program level with our end of year “Moving Up” ceremony. Join us for this year’s ceremony on Thursday, June 1 at 11:00 a.m. at the Pavilion.

This year we have eleven Toddler students, eleven Primary students, and seven Lower Elementary students ready to move. Two are moving onto other schools, but the rest will remain at St. Paul’s advancing to the next program level.


We are proud to have five students who have completed Upper Elementary (6th grade) and are leaving us to start at local middle schools. They have a combined total of 34 years at St. Paul’s and two of them have been at the  school for nine years beginning in Primary and moving through both Elementary programs. In this final year at St. Paul’s they have demonstrated confidence in their abilities, accomplishment in their studies, and a continued love of learning. It is hard to say goodbye but we know that they are well prepared to take the next step and live into the plan that God has for them.


When we asked the students what they liked best about St. Paul’s and what they would miss, Eleanor said she appreciated the opportunities for independent study and the choices available to them. Rose enjoyed the collaborative process of learning and the enduring friendships she had made. They all said the best thing was Camp Capers and that they would especially miss Ms. Jane and Ms. Kelly.

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